From working 13 jobs to a life of complete

time, location, and financial freedom âœĻ

What's Up! I'm ErinðŸĪ˜

Commonly-known online AND offline as A-a-ron (yes, that’s a Key & Peele reference ðŸĪŠ and yes, even my friends and family call me A-a-ron), I’m a 26-year-old, plant-based, world traveling, location independent, business-owning, college dropout.


*passes out from not breathing throughout that entire sentence*


I LOVE music festivals (EDC / Forest / Ultra / Ezoo... literally ALL music festivals), health and wellness, road trips (I’ve driven cross country at least 7 times), yoga, beating people in chess (challenge me I dare u), Rubix cubes, spirituality, and literally anything that induces adrenaline or sparks creativity. Sign. Me. Up!!


I’m originally from Pittsburgh, but I’ve lived all over — Key West, Las Vegas, Toulouse (France), Puerto Rico, and most recently on a farm in North Eastern Ohio. Random... I know.


Traveling is my LIFE (or at least it was until 2020 hit, RIP). 

Two days after I turned 18 (no more license curfew 😉), and coming off a high-school heartbreak, I asked two of my friends if they wanted to go to KFC with me. After we’d been on the road for 45 minutes, they started asking what KFC could possibly be more than 45 minutes away, and I told them we were going to get REAL Kentucky Fried Chicken… in Kentucky. I've been obsessed with traveling / meeting new people / seeing new places / doing new things ever since ðŸš—ðŸ’Ļ #SagittariusFam where u at???


Before I turned 22 I had visited all 50 states, and am on track to hit all seven continents

before the age of 28!

Like I said, traveling. is. life.

At one point I was actively working 13 different jobs, between 80 to 100 hours a week, saving up every penny to visit my friends and travel the world. At 22 I realized that this was NOT a sustainable lifestyle (who wants to be 35 and working 100 hours a week just to continue traveling? Ya girl doesn’t even have the energy at 26 years old to be doing that ðŸ˜đ), and I was determined to

find a better way.


I wanted to travel the world without having to ask for PTO.


I wanted to work from wherever I pleased, whenever I pleased. 


I wanted to do something that had a positive impact on not only my life, but the rest of the world as well.

While I was living in Key West, I hit my breaking point. Enough was enough. I was sick of not feeling fulfilled in my work, so I put in my two weeks notice, with NO plan, begging the Universe / Source / God to show me a better way.


I sh*t you not, ONE week later I saw an ad on Facebook (which is shocking because I was only on Facebook, like, once a month) about working online. And after watching one video + doing a little snooping, I was ALL IN. I knew immediately that this was IT, and that I could make the life I wanted possible.

Everyone thought I was insane, obviously. 

(Spoiler alert: they were right).


Crazy, these days, is defined as someone who questions and actively seeks to live life outside of the ‘norm’. Someone who jumps at an opportunity to change their circumstances, regardless of if it’s socially accepted or not.


FYI, online marketing / investing in online training platforms in 2017 was NOT socially accepted ðŸ˜đ


I actually had a coworker bet money that I wouldn’t make more than $20,000 in my first 18 months


(I ended up making $120,000. Haha. Sorry Ryan!)

But I knew with every fiber of my being that THIS opportunity was going to be the thing to change my life, and I was going to be the one to do it.

I dove headfirst into learning everything I could about the business. I had zero experience, so for my first 6 months I was a literal sponge - taking in all the information I could, asking questions everyday (multiple times a day) to learn everything I could. I was even doing affirmations before I even knew what they were, and things were coming to fruition VERY quickly.


I knew from the week I quit my job that I was going to make a 5-figure monthly income in this business, AND it would be by doing something I loved and felt fulfilled by. And while it didn’t happen within the first 6 months of my business (like I wanted it to…I’m impatient. It’s a blessing and a curse ðŸĪ·), I didn’t give up.

Just 13 months after I started my business, I hit my first 5-figure month, going from 8k/month to 28k/month in literally 30 days ðŸ’ļ

I know  28k in 30 days  it sounds crazy. It sounds unrealistic. It sounds absolutely freaking ridiculous if you consider that I was making 20k a YEAR before I started working for myself, but it’s simple — I believed in myself. I had faith in my ability to figure it out no matter what. I was committed to myself. I learned from coaches and mentors who had already achieved what I was seeking to achieve. I launched myself out of my comfort zone on a regular basis, and I was determined AF to create an online business that could sustain my lifestyle and give me the freedom I so desperately desired.



I believed in the possibility BEYOND what we are told

we can have in this life.

And that belief has led me to this point, right here, running a successful 6 figure business, doing something I love, working from my laptop all over the world (or more recently, from the comfort of my couch), ready to teach you how to do the same :)


Having achieved my personal goal and setting myself up for success, I want to pass on this wealth of knowledge through Infinite Impact, a training program and community I built to empower and equip good-hearted, genuine, millennials, like YOU, with all the tools you need to achieve your own personal goals of complete time, location, and financial freedom! And with that freedom, do a significant amount of good in the world. ðŸŒ


It is my belief that if millennials, such as yourself, have access to simple, actionable, and effective education on business, marketing, mindset, spirituality, health, and sustainability, that they would be able to powerfully impact the world for the better.

If you’re reading this and feeling like this is exactly what you’ve been looking for, take it as a sign from the Universe that you are here for a reason âœĻ

AND, if you resonated with any of my story or have a similar story of your own, I’d absolutely love to hear it.

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