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As my first post on this blog, I wanted to introduce myself, let y'all in on my personal life, my story, how tf I even got to where I am in life right now, & anything else you all have asked me in the last 3 years that I've been working on social media!

Honestly not really sure where to even start with this story bc I feel like I've lived like 8 lifetimes in the last 26 years of my life.

I'm not sure if anyone else has experienced something similar, but I think on a subconscious quest to figure out who tf I am and what I like, I've literally done / been / tried it all (ok not like EVERYTHING, but very, very close to).

I've been the loudest / friendliest kid on the playground, literally asking EVERYONE to come play with my & my friends, all the way to being the shy quiet girl that no one probably even knew was in the room, I've been the emo / depressed / angry teenager that listened to Green Day & MCR on repeat, & also the obnoxious tell-everyone-about-the-new-travel-plans-i-have-lined-up-for-the-next-10-years-of-my-life-&-how-fucking-awesome-&-spontaneous-i-am girl that underneath everything was just sad / insecure, but was REALLY excited that I had finally found a healthy outlet.

I've been the person who eats like garbage and doesn't think twice about my plastic consumption, then transitioned into the strict vegan that judges u if u don't agree with me, and the eco friendly person that judges u if you don't care about the planet, just to then to transition to the pescatarian and eco-conscious - the person who embraces and accepts where anyone is at and just wants to educate if u wanna hear it, but ultimately understands that different people find different things important and we're all just doing our best out here.

I've had far left liberal views, to then switch to far right conservative views, just to end up somewhere in the middle with views and beliefs that belong to both parties (and I absolutely love having discussions about both + learning more about what people stand for and why) .

I've actually been on the extreme introverted end of the Myers-Briggs personality test, then years later ended up on the extreme extroverted end, to now be somewhere in the middle. My PERSONALITY TYPE has changed literally 3 times. Is that even a thing???

I've been the 9-5 slave, I've been the broke entrepreneur, I've been the successful entrepreneur, I've lost a lot of really important people in my life, I've met a lot of insanely amazing people, I could go on & on but we'll stop here. You get the point.

The whole process has made my life a f*cking roller coaster. Most people might consider that a bad thing.

I, on the other hand, like to think of myself as a pendulum (weird thing to think of yourself as, lol). I always end up on the extreme ends (both of them) of whatever I involve myself in, not because of indecisiveness, but to experience both ends of something so I know where I truly stand with it, and also to better embrace, accept, and understand others.

I also realize now that every rock bottom I've hit in my life has been nothing more than preparation for something much greater than I would've ever been able to even dream of achieving had i not gone through those situations.

Consider rock bottom the universe's greatest compliment ;)

You have been chosen to learn a lesson so large that you needed to be broken down and re-built, probably more than once.

But hearing a pep talk about rock bottom is probably not the reason you decided to start reading this blog post. Just something I've learned along my own journey that I wanted to pass on.

On the other side of the story, right next to all the sunshine rainbows & unicorns, is a girl, who's happy most of the time but experiences the entire spectrum of emotions, working to build a successful business (her own definition of "successful"), who really really only wants to be able to travel, take care of her momma and her brother, facilitate growth in all humans, & help every person who comes to her to learn about how to make an income online achieve their own definition of success.

A girl who is still in the process of figuring out who she is / who she wants to be, and trying to find the path of least resistance to becoming that person.

A girl who really truly wants to help everyone but has realized that you always always always need to help yourself before you can truly help anyone else.

A girl who has enough dreams / plans to last 400 years.

A girl who listens to Memphis May Fire while she works to be able to concentrate, but listens to classical music at the gym for motivation (i know i know, it's so backwards that it ALMOST makes sense).

A girl who at every passing second feels like she's 2 feet from having everything figured out, only to be propelled in the opposite direction to start from square one.

A lot of people underestimate the human being behind the pictures.

A lot of people also overestimate the qualities that are necessary to become said human being, behind said pictures.

It really doesn't require some fancy degree, or a ton or experience, or being raised in an upper class family to start traveling the world / making money literally from marketing your lifestyle / starting your own business in whatever field you're passionate about.

Normally, it's the complete opposite. You need the degree AND the experience AND the upbringing to be able to create a life you truly want to be living. Not here 😎 I had none of the above. And it actually worked to my advantage (take THAT, everyone who thought dropping out of college was a bad idea!)

I'm getting off topic here though. This post is supposed to be for you to learn more about the real me, not just the motivational / personal development spiel that I can't help getting into every 3 seconds.

Let's see....

I love going to festivals, even though i haven't been to one in almost 2 years now. I've been to EDC Vegas 4 times, Electric Forest 3 times, Escape Psycho Circus, Moonrise, Ultra, etc.

Dubstep is dope, KSHMR is the man, but I wouldn't say EDM is my #1.

I grew up with Bon Jovi / Scorpion / GNR / etc so I listen to that pretty consistently.

Top choices will always be either Mozart, Billie Holiday or My Chemical Romance tho. No matter what I'm doing / what mood I'm in.

I love Thai food (I'd eat yellow tofu curry everyday for the rest of my life if I could), I can solve a Rubix cube in less than 60 seconds, I'm mainly plant based, I love reading - used to only read personal development and business books but have been loving fictional books lately. Ayn Rand's books have been life changing.

That's all I got. I'm pretty simple. If y'all wanna know anything else about me I'm an open book. Ask away :)


Aadventures with Aaron

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